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Lamar Jackson denies using bathroom in thrilling NFL game, despite the jokes

Lamar Jackson denies using bathroom in thrilling NFL game, despite the jokes
Lamar Jackson. (Image source: Instagram – @new_era8)

Twitter lit up like Christmas lights immediately after the Baltimore Ravens’ thrilling, down-to-the-wire victory over the Cleveland Browns on “Monday Night Football” on Dec. 14, 2020.

However, the talk was not just about the 47-42 shootout that’s already billed as the best game of 2020 and the most exciting MNF contest in many years. Fans were also howling from laughter about the rumor that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson left the game to use the bathroom, then returned like a hero to win the game in the final seconds.

Jackson denies he had a bad case of bubble guts. In the postgame interview, ESPN reports, Jackson cramped up and then ran into, well, the bowels of the stadium to get some fluids and some salt in his system. Many fans don’t believe Jackson. Some point to the awkward way he was running toward the locker room. A fan also mentioned that a person who has a bad cramp in their legs cannot possibly run as Jackson is seen doing here.

As a result of this video, hilarious jokes began flying all over the internet about how Jackson’s digestive track suddenly kicked into overdrive while on the field.

Jackson also said he did not “pull a Paul Pierce.” Jackson’s referring to Pierce, who famously faked an injury during the 2009 NBA Finals in order to be rushed to the bathroom before he had an accident. Below, Jackson’s head is put on Pierce’s body in a meme.

During the post-game interview, Jackson was asked if he had to run to the commode, which he denied. Later, after viewing the plethora of jokes about his alleged bathroom use, LJ again addressed the rumors:

Fans, however, were having too much fun with Jackson to stop.

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