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Music » Rick James’ ‘Super Freak’ biopic series being developed

Rick James’ ‘Super Freak’ biopic series being developed

Rick James (Photo credit: / Featureflash Photo Agency)

The life of funk and R&B legend Rick James is about to be transformed into a limited series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Studio Group’s UCP is developing the project titled “Super Freak,” which is described as “a funkadelic mix of music biopic and true crime.”

Rick James’ daughter, Ty James, one of the executive producers behind the series stated, “We are truly ecstatic about this new project with UCP and extremely excited to work with writer Randy McKinon. We are confident he can give the fans exactly what they have been waiting on, plus some. This will be a magic carpet ride, with ups and downs, joys and pain — a story of perseverance and tenacity, with the music being the greatest navigation system. Get ready for the ride of your lives — the story of James A. Johnson, aka Rick James.”

“Super Freak” will chronicle the rock icon’s rise to fame in the late 70’s and his cult status following after crafting hits like “You and I,” “Mary Jane,” “Ebony Eyes,” “Cold Blooded “Glow and “Give It To Me Baby.”

Rick’s magic also revitalized Motown and keep the label thriving with more hits from his protégés, Tina Marie and The Mary Jane Girls, who he also wrote and produced for.

Renowned for his wild side, which has been immortalized thanks to Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy’s classic skits from “Chappelle’s Show,” “Super Freak” will also delve into James’ dark side which included a heavy cocaine addiction and a $7-thousand a week drug habit at one point.

James also served a three-year prison stint on charges of kidnapping and allegedly burning a woman with a crack pipe during a drug-induced binge in the ’90s. He died in 2004 after calming down considerably.

Though a network has yet to be announced, when this airs, it will definitely have folks tuned in and turned up.