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Did you know ‘SpottieOttieDopaliscious’ is Jon Ossoff’s walk-on music?

Big Boi (left) and Andre 3000 of OutKast. (Photo credit: Splash News)

Jon Ossoff’s walk-on music?


When’s the last time you voted for a White guy who knew anything about hip-hop?

Yeah, Jon Ossoff probably isn’t hitting the club anytime soon, but he grew up imprinted by Atlanta’s music scene.

“Hey look, I grew up listening to Atlanta hip-hop. I grew up listening to OutKast, you know. ‘SpottieOttieDopaliscious,’ I want that to be my walk-on music at a rally Friday in Savannah! And I love hearing bands from Atlanta schools playing it,” Ossoff said in an interview with rolling out about voters in the Black community being accustomed to politicians disconnected from the culture.

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“I grew up listening to T.I.P. I grew up listening to Ludacris. I also grew up listening to jazz music and classical music.“

Ossoff, 33, is the Democrat in a runoff for one of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats. He’s up against Republican incumbent David Perdue, who trumps Ossoff on the age scale at 71.

Perdue and Ossoff are in a statistical tie headed into January’s runoff, according to FiveThirtyEight, which tracks and averages post-election polls.

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