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Music » Ja Rule says 50 Cent scared to take him on in Verzuz battle (video)

Ja Rule says 50 Cent scared to take him on in Verzuz battle (video)

50 Cent (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Veteran rapper Ja Rule continues to needle his archrival 50 Cent, even though many hip-hop fans believe that Fifty effectively ended his career near the turn of the century after delivering a series of devastating diss tracks.

Now, Ja Rule, 44, wants to reenter the metaphorical ring with Fifty, 45, in a Verzuz battle, even though he thinks the chances of it coming to fruition are minuscule at best. Rule, who was born in the Hollis section of Queens in New York City, he told HipHopDX he doesn’t believe that 50 Cent wants “this smoke.”

“Listen, man. Everybody don’t want the smoke,” Ja Rule says as his voice rises and his cadence quickens. “I got heat. Let me tell you something: when I do my shows, I can rock. I’m telling you, it’s like an hour of straight hit records. No filler. All crab meat, n—-. This ain’t the joints with the — you know what I’m saying? All meat in that muthaf—–g crab cake, n—-. It’s all meat, n—-.”

According to Billboard magazine, Ja Rule has eight Top Ten hits, including three of them that went all the way to No. 1. His archnemesis 50 Cent, who was born Curtis James Jackson III in the South Jamaica section of the same New York City borough as Ja Rule, boasts 13 top 10 hits, including four that made it to No. 1.

Rule mulled over other potential opponents, including Fat Joe and Nelly. If he does Verzuz, Rule wants it to be a celebratory affair rather than a heavyweight bout.

“Listen, man, I love Verzuz, I love what it is, I love to see artists getting in there and doing the s—, but if I did one, if I did do a Verzuz, I would want my Verzuz to be fun,” Ja Rule told HipHopDX. “That’s what Verzuz is supposed to be about — the celebration of music and the art and the artistry. So, I would want my Verzuz to be fun and filled with love in the room and s—, and that sort of thing. I’m too old to be in Verzuz beef.”

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