Chicago running store sets pace to provide Bronzeville with alternatives

What running brands do you stock?

Currently, I stock a lot of nutrition-focused brands for runners. There are sports drinks and easily digestible carbs in the form of chews and gels. Some of these brands are Nuun, Maurten, Clif, and GU Energy Labs. I also carry some recovery-focused brands as well. The recovery brands are KT Tape, WeedSport, Relieve It and Hemp Heals, with more coming. I also focus on bringing in minority-owned brands such as Hemp Heals, digitalKENTE, an apparel brand, and Relieve It. Hemps Heals and digitalKENTE are also Black women-owned brands. I look to support my community in more ways than one. Outside of those brands, I have my own private label apparel.

Where do you see Last Lap Cornerstore in five years?

I see Last Lap Cornerstore in a place financially and physically where I can fully engage with our runners. Last Lap is about community building and communal support. Last Lap Cornerstore is here to help runners become better and stronger. Achieving that goal can be through selling them the best products and holding workshops, yoga classes and runs.

Visit Last Lap Cornerstore’s website,,  to learn more or follow the business @lastlapcornerstore on Facebook and Instagram.



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