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Sisters with Superpowers » Entrepreneur Adonica Shaw encourages ‘intention setting’ to achieve success

Entrepreneur Adonica Shaw encourages ‘intention setting’ to achieve success

Photo courtesy of Kem West

Adonica Shaw is an app developer and the founder of Surrender Circle, a California-based self-care and wellness tech company. She is the owner of the Self-Care Everyday Bookstore, and the host of the “I Surrender” and “Self-Care Saturday,” podcasts. She’s also an intentional mental health and self-care advocate dedicated to cultivating spaces that inspire and motivate women to live in their truth. Shaw is also a 3-time TEDx speaker, and the author of the popular self-help book Depressed to Daring, where she discusses her experience in managing stress, and anxiety, as a high-functioning professional.

During rolling out‘s inaugural Peace and Purpose virtual retreat, which took place Dec. 4-6, Shaw shared her expertise as a featured speaker on the panel “Sisters with Superpowers: Powering Your Purpose.” She eloquently spoke firsthand about her experiences, various businesses, expertise and much more.

We spoke more with Shaw after the conference about who she is as an entrepreneur and how she defines her purpose and finds inner peace.

How do you define your purpose?

My purpose is to uplift, encourage, and inspire women to value self-care. I believe we, women of color in particular, were never really encouraged to self-prioritize. It’s my mission to support women who are learning how to put themselves first and to hold space for people as they awaken to the long-term benefits of physical and spiritual wellness.

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