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How social media might evolve in 2021

Photo credit: / 13_Phunkod

As we start the new year, there has been a significant rise in social media usage in the wake of the pandemic. From Instagram live segments, Facebook lives TV shows, Twitter worldwide discussions, and Clubhouse master classes; social media has played a significant part in people’s lives that is certain to continue throughout 2021.

Below are five social media platforms that we feel will lead the social media charge in 2021 and beyond.

Clubhouse: This social media app has taken people by storm. This app has become a networking space for people worldwide to receive advice, and discuss topical issues around the world.

Instagram: Although users are still battling the nuances within Instagram’s constant algorithm changes, the app has evolved. Instagram knows its core audience and more importantly, has a firm handle on how to adapt, be it the new reels, live sessions, or IGTV. Aside from the tricky algorithm, this app could very likely stand the test of time.

Twitter: This app is the place where conversations happen and always has been. It has more impact than ever with users engaged in discussions about the Black Lives Matter movement, the presidential election, and COVID-19. Twitter’s global impact on the world is undisputed.

Facebook: This app has indeed evolved more than its competitors. From finding friends and poking people, to full-blown talk shows and live segments, Facebook has grown from a casual space to a global media outlet for real conversations.

TikTok:  The TikTok takeover has been extremely prevalent. Whether it’s the viral dances, memes, or social conversations, this social media app will continue to grow.

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