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News2 » Killer Mike says Blacks deserve huge stake in cannabis industry

Killer Mike says Blacks deserve huge stake in cannabis industry

Killer Mike (Photo by A.R. Shaw for Steed Media)

Killer Mike is standing on the front lines as usual and this time the cause and fight is for the legalization of marijuana and Black people getting a fair cut into the billion dollar industry. In July, he and his Run the Jewels partner El-P partnered with cannabis company Cookies and Lemonnade to create their own strain called “Ohh La La.” In a TMZ Live interview this week, Killer Mike discussed his line and how he feels about the marijuana industry and his state of Georgia.

Mike Bigga revealed, “It has a beautiful packaging. The high is euphoric. El is a sativa guy and I’m a heavy indica guy. My mind moves so rapidly and fast and I need something to calm me and focus me in. El’s is stimulation. Cookies and Lemonade did an amazing job creating the hybrid. People are loving it and lit and smoking it. Now I just have to push our governor… and people under the gold dome here, to not only allow marijuana, because it’s going to grow into recreational usage. We’ve seen that in other states. But there needs to be a presence of African-American ownership in Georgia of marijuana. We have had young men serve 10, 20, 30, 40 years and then they get out and cannot participate in the trade that they helped build. That’s like a moonshiner who brewed shine through prohibition not given the chance to have a liquor license.”

Killer Mike is never one to hold his tongue and challenged the politicians to make this a top priority.

He further stated during the TMZ interview, “We’ve done that mistake before, so I want to demand other marijuana organizations out there to get people of color on the forefront. And I’m gone be frank and say Black folks deserve a big stake. We deserve at least 25% of the marijuana industry because it has truly been built on our backs. And we need more med men that are owned by men that look like me. So I want to demand that progressives, especially Democrats that are out there, start to demand locally marijuana policy on a state level that is inclusive of the people of Georgia… Georgia is 35% Black and 35% of those licenses should be for Black people.”

As the war on drugs has been verified to have been a target on Black people, Killer also had a few words for the new presidential regime. He added, “I want to challenge Joe Biden to do what Bernie Sanders said he would do which is deschedule it on the first day of his presidency. You have the power in that pen to invoke things like gun laws. You should have the power of that pen to take it off the schedule one list so that if nothing else it gets decriminalized enough so kids lives are ruined forever for that.”

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