McDonald’s owner Joni Davis shares why willpower helps her achieve inner peace

McDonald's owner Joni Davis shares why willpower helps her achieve inner peace
Joni Thrower Davis (Photo courtesy of Mary DuPrie)

Joni Thrower Davis is a second-generation owner and operator of four McDonald’s restaurants in the metro Detroit area.  She is also the managing partner for a company, Jamjomar Inc., which oversees the day-to-day for upwards of 30 McDonald’s locations in Michigan and Louisiana. When she isn’t busy further establishing herself as a female success factor, Davis unwinds by taking part in a closed-door, intense workout regimen. The award-winning business owner took some time out of her busy schedule to break down how she manages family, business and fitness goals, as she seeks peace within.

How do you define your purpose?

Be better each day. If I bring the best version of myself to everything that I touch each day, then I hope to accomplish two things. First, I hope to learn from those around me so that I can be better. Second, I hope that they will learn something in return.

What tools and processes do you use to find peace?

Prayer, exercise, [therapy], good books, and healthy conversations with my mom-sister-girlfriends.

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