Our Black Party co-founder Wes Bellamy has a message for Georgia voters

Our Black Party co-founder Wes Bellamy has a message for Georgia voters
Wes Bellamy (Photo by Steed Media)

Wes Bellamy made political waves in 2015 by becoming the youngest individual to be elected to the Charlottesville City Council in Virginia and previously also served as vice mayor in the city of nearly 50,000 residents. Since his historic election, Bellamy has been a change agent, focusing on gaining equity for disenfranchised communities and having conversations about public spaces and racial reconciliation. He is the author of the book Monumental: It Was Never About the Statue and has been instrumental in the removal of Confederate monuments in Charlottesville.

Bellamy also is a co-founder of Our Black Party, an organization comprised of community leaders, activists, organizers, elected officials, educators, faith leaders, entrepreneurs, members of civil rights groups, media influencers, artists and entertainers united in their efforts to advance a political agenda that specifically addresses the needs of Black people. With the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election taking place Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, he is dedicated to getting voters to the polls.

“I’m here with rolling out’s Vote for Me Project, and we’re trying to encourage everybody in the state of Georgia to come out and rock the vote,” he said. “Now Georgia, let’s show America that the record numbers from November can be done again. It’s time for us to let our voices be heard. Let’s come out and rock the vote.”

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