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R. Kelly shares ‘Shut Up’ song from prison on his birthday

Photo Credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson/

It is hard to misinterpret the message R. Kelly delivered to the legion of the fallen stars detractors by sharing the old song “Shut Up” on his birthday.

The disgraced crooner and prolific songwriter chose his 54th birthday to upload a self-explanatory message that his 1.3 million followers read and revisit musically.

The prodigiously-talented musician, who was born in Chicago as Robert Sylvester Kelly, shared one verse from his 2011 song, “Shut Up” as an answer to a “tsunami of rumors” he believes has caused his spectacular fall from the mountain top of all-time R&B greats, according to Page Six.

“After 22 years of a blessed career/ Had me lying in my hospital bed crying mad tears/ But just as I have many people hatin’ me, Had so many people loving me/ And let’s not forget the hood around the world covering me/ And to everybody that be calling me, Telling what they’ve been sayin’ about me/ Bringin’ me all of this negative s–t, ya’ll the ones I ain’t f–king with.”

The chorus then drives home Kelly’s point emphatically with: “Can I get a witness for all of this, When people all up in your business, tell ’em shut up, tell ’em shut up, tell ’em shut up! I’m talking to you!”

Kelly is facing a blizzard of state and federal charges related to alleged sexual assault including: pedophilia, sex trafficking, obstruction of justice, racketeering and villating the The Mann Act (for allegedly illegally transporting minors across state lines).

Kelly is scheduled to go to trial in his federal case in New York in April 2021.