Stacey Abrams running neck and neck with Brian Kemp for 2022 gubernatorial race

Stacey Abrams running neck and neck with Brian Kemp for 2022 gubernatorial race
Gov. Brian P. Kemp (Photo: Office of the Governor;

Political superstar Stacey Abrams is reportedly running neck-and-neck with incumbent Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in a poll for the gubernatorial race in 2022.

The former Georgia state representative has been hailed as a hero nationwide for developing a behind-the-scenes strategy to successfully flip Georgia blue for the first time in 29 years. The feat greatly aided in Joe Biden’s presidential victory over the incumbent.

However, Abrams lost a tightly contested race for Georgia governor in 2018 where she and others accused Kemp of engaging in widespread voter fraud and suppression in mostly Black districts.

If Abrams decides to run again next year, as political prognosticators believe she will, she may have a great shot at avenging her painful loss. According to Newsweek, a new poll from BUSR and the University of Las Vegas stated that 44 percent of Georgia voters would back Kemp if he faced off against Abrams.

Abrams trails Kemp by just four percentage points with a margin for error of four percent, meaning that the two are virtually running side-by-side in the hypothetical race.

As we crank up 2021 Kemp appears extremely vulnerable on several fronts. Number one, he incurred the wrath of the current president after Kemp allegedly did not do enough to overturn the election results in Georgia in November 2020. Kemp and his family were subjected to threats by the president’s overly zealous followers.

Secondly, Kemp is taking most of the blame for the two Georgia Senate seats going to  Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won hotly contested runoffs on Jan. 5.

Even worse for Kemp, the president vows to support a candidate that runs against Kemp in 2022 due to his alleged disloyalty to the commander in chief. Time will tell if Kemp’s eroding support base will return by the fall of 2022.

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