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Wendy Williams describes life without former spouse Kevin Hunter (video)

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As Wendy Williams‘ new documentary, What A Mess, nears its worldwide premiere on Lifetime, the media icon is sharing details of how she has pivoted since divorcing Kevin Hunter.

Williams was candid as a criminal going to jail when speaking with ExtraTV, specifically when speaking of Hunter’s infidelity.

“Kevin cheated on me while I was pregnant with my son,” she said. “I found out and I could’ve divorced him then, but I said, ‘No, I have a son and I’m not going to have any more children’… I didn’t want him to leave me by myself.

“It was not till death do us part. Kevin was a serial cheater, Kevin had different mistresses… This last one was the one he had the longest term relationship with.”

The brazen television host continued, admitting Hunter is not fully out of her system, but that he is a smaller object in her “rearview mirror,” mainly because she is open to new relationships and experiences.

“I’ve got a new life,” she affirmed. “I’ve got new boyfriends to make… and things to do. I don’t regret falling in love with Kevin… and I definitely don’t regret getting the best divorce attorney I could… and fighting tooth and nail to get everything out of that divorce.”

She also offered a bit of advice for young women that might one day fall into similar circumstances.

“He date raped me,” she said in no uncertain terms. “He took advantage of me, but you know what the teachable moment for other young women is: when you put yourself in certain situations, you never know what kind of monster is with you… when you’re in a hotel room with a man… keep the door open. “

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