Marcus Crenshaw explains why he created spaces of empowerment for women

Marcus Crenshaw explains why he created spaces of empowerment for women
Marcus Crenshaw (Photo credit: Lucid Visualzz)

Self-made millionaire, Marcus Crenshaw, earned his wealth by way of hard work. After playing professional basketball overseas, Crenshaw created his first successful marketing agency, Hoop Cred which focused on WNBA players. In 2016, Crenshaw created She Hoops Network to enhance exposure for women and young girls who play basketball. The Detroit native has translated his work ethic as an athlete into successful business ventures. Rolling out spoke with Crenshaw about growing up in Detroit, supporting women and his new venture Fam Sports and Marketing Agency.

What was it like growing up in Detroit? How did it prepare you for life?

Growing up in Detroit was equally fun and dangerous. I grew up with two parents on the East side of Detroit. My parents gave me a good foundation. They kept me in sports instead of the streets.

Why was it important for you to establish your business after basketball?

It was very important. I literally stopped playing basketball overseas because the team I played for owed me $21K. The team president told me he could sign someone like me for half the price. After hearing that, I flew home and decided that I’m never working for anyone ever again.

What was it about the WNBA that made you place such a heavy focus there?

I’ve always supported women in everything growing up. When I was playing overseas, I met a lot of WNBA players. They would talk to me and tell me about their agents and how they didn’t have good support or proper representation.

I used my marketing and business skills to start a media outlet and sports agency to bring awareness to their game and provide proper representation.

Talk about why it is important to be involved in creating empowering spaces for women?

Anyone with a platform should do it because women have been oppressed for so long. I started the media outlet She Hoops Network to empower women and bring their sports to the forefront.

What made you add entertainment to the Fam Sports and Marketing Agency

I felt like entertainment was a natural progression. Sports and entertainment go hand in hand.

I just signed my first artist to the Fam by the name of YS Lost from Brooklyn, New York. When I heard him, I knew he has what it takes to compete in the music business.

What would you like your legacy to be? 

I want to be remembered as a person who provided opportunities, jobs and connections that helped people take their talents to the next level.

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