New Music Friday: Detroit’s Yung Quis recruits Jeezy for anti-dope anthem

New Music Friday: Detroit's Yung Quis recruits Jeezy for anti-dope anthem
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Yung Quis can rap and he knows it.

Blessed enough to tell his story, the self-proclaimed K.O.D. (King of Detroit and also the name of his forthcoming album) is taking full advantage of his opportunities. His new release, the self-explanatory “Rap,” finds Quis and Jeezy spitting over a sinister beat that allows either rapper to flourish lyrically while telling truths about their sacrifices on and off the block.

Quis tells a story that begins in junior high where he learns the ways of the street from the OGs. He cleverly uses metaphors like “Today Was a Good Day” and “No Vaseline,” paying homage to west coast legend, Ice Cube, before shouting out, Boyz II Men, 112 and other music staples.

“RAP was inspired by my determination to leave the streets behind COMPLETELY and fully pursue my rap career, and finally understanding that I had to give this music 100% of my attention if that’s really what I wanted to do,” Quis said in a statement. “I reached out to Jeezy because he’s one of the rappers in the industry who had created a soundtrack to my life for the last 15 years and who truly ESCAPED this life that only few of us make it out to speak on.”

Fittingly, Jeezy, whose popularity soared in the early to mid-2000s, takes it back to 2006 when he was running the streets of Atlanta with the likes of BMF, while forming his Corporate Thugz conglomerate.

Listen to “Rap” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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