Jordyn Woods mesmerizes fans with ‘Buss It Challenge’ dance (video)

Jordyn Woods mesmerizes fans with 'Buss It Challenge' dance (video)

Jordyn Woods (Image source: Instagram – @jordynwoods)

Jordyn Woods was declared the landslide winner of the nationwide #BussItChallenge as soon as she entered it. Close the curtains. Turn out the lights. It’s a wrap.

Woods, 23, the former Kardashian clan castaway, who morphed into an independent Instagram sensation, was hailed by her social media contemporaries for delivering a riveting rendition of the #BussItChallenge.

The photogenic Woods wondered aloud if it was too late to enter the unofficial contest before treating her 14 million followers with an Instagram story post for the ages.

Woods’ boyfriend, 25-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves All-Sar Karl-Anthony Towns, exclaimed his approval of her performance with this Twitter post replete with a meme.

This may work as an emotional antidote for Towns, as he is on mandatory quarantine after being victimized by the pandemic. It already took the life of his mother and six other members of his immediate and connected family.

Meanwhile, Towns was joined by throngs of Woods’ worshippers who also testified to her deft dancing skills.

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