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Finance and Wealth » Financial wiz Sean LeDree is reinvesting in his community with his own app

Financial wiz Sean LeDree is reinvesting in his community with his own app

Sean LeDree (Photo credit: Pacific Hills Studio Photography)

Sean LeDree is the CEO and mastermind behind Loop Investing Technologies. Loop is a financial technology company focused on making financial services more efficient for underbanked communities. LeDree grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the Roseland community and is passionate about educating his own as a way of giving back. He has over a decade worth of experience as a registered advisor and has worked for companies such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Rolling out spoke with LeDree about Loop Investing Technologies, the new app and what inspired him along his journey.

What led you down the path of financial services?

I have seen the slow and steady deterioration of Roseland. Why is it when I go downtown is the only time I can see revitalization and stores thriving? That really bothered me. I remember when stocks and financial information weren’t readily accessible. I had always been curious about that. So that curiosity and desire to actually help out the community really has driven me to this point.

What inspired the creation of Loop Investing Technologies?

Our goal is to help communities, give back to those communities and invest in them. The idea of me wanting to give back to the Roseland community outside of charity really weighed on me. The idea is how we give back to where we were raised. We created Loop with the idea of having individuals who are serious about getting their money together, but more importantly, want to find ways to actually invest in where they come from.

Learn more about LeDree and the app he’s creating on the next page.

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