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PR pro Christal Jordan aims to empower Black women through new book

February 6, 2021   |  

Christal Jordan (Photo credit: Drexina Nelson)

Christal Jordan is a journalist, publicist, and award-winning author. A public relations and media expert, Jordan is the CEO of Enchanted Branding and Publications, a premiere entertainment company based in Atlanta. She is the author of the 2006 thriller-romance novel Under the Cherry Moon, as well as the 2020 self-help book How to Win when S— Happens. In both books, Jordan declares that her goal is to “help young women overcome the obstacles that lay in the way of success.”

Rolling out sat down with Jordan to discuss the importance of supporting young, Black women through literature.

Your first book, Under the Cherry Moon, details the story of a young Black woman coping with the absence of a father figure. What motivated you to write this story and who did you hope it would reach?

My first book was in a lot of ways, therapeutic in nature. It helped me get through dealing with the absence of my own father, and I wanted to address through writing the impact that fathers can have on daughters and that men can have on women. I really wanted to get that message out that fathers are extremely important in their children’s lives. So, it was a book for both young women and older men as well.

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