Stellantis executive Lottie Holland drives diversity with style and grace

If you could thank any Black woman for her contributions to history and society, who would it be and why?

I would thank Michelle Obama. She exuded confidence, intelligence, grace and dignity when she served as the first lady of the United States. I would thank her for being an example of Black excellence. Trust me, I’ve heard her voice in my head many times telling me, “When they go low, Lottie, you go high!

Why is it important for more experienced Black women to reach back and help younger women of color? 

Reaching back is important because it shows them what’s possible. I’m hoping that my accomplishments can be a roadmap to help pave the way for their success.

What three habits do you incorporate into your daily routine to maintain your success, sanity and peace of mind?

Each morning, I give thanks to God for my family, friends and health. I try to work out daily as well. Lastly, I think about one thing that I want to accomplish for the day and one thing that I want to do to have an impact on someone else. Being grateful is really how I keep my sanity — and, of course, a massage twice a month.

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