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Entertainment » Jada Pinkett Smith launches personal health care line (video)

Jada Pinkett Smith launches personal health care line (video)

Jada Pinkett Smith (Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin /

Jada Pinkett-Smith made her entrance into the cosmetic industry this week with the launch of her personal healthcare line called Hey Humans. The gender-neutral line debuted with naturally derived body wash, body lotion, natural deodorant and toothpaste, packaged in aluminum and paper, both recyclable materials that reduce the consumer carbon footprint.

The Girl’s Trip actress announced her unveiling on Instagram, posting on Feb. 23, “Hey Fam. As a lot of you may already know … self care is a major passion of mine. Well today, I’m introducing you to a brand I’m Co-founder of called @heyhumansofficial. We produce naturally derived personal care products packaged in aluminum and paper which are both recyclable materials that help keep our oceans and landfills more healthy.”

Jada partnered with cosmetic company Masea to create her line Hey Humans, which is available exclusively at Target.

With all her products retailing for under $6, she further commented, “Not only did I want to help create quality personal care products that have recyclable packaging but I wanted it to be accessible to everyone. I hope you will join my family and I on our Hey Humans journey by using our personal care products that not only help us take care of ourselves but also help us to care for our planet and humanity at large.”

Pinkett-Smith also explained to People that she learned a lot about recycling and preserving the environment from her kids Jaden and Willow and wanted to start first with products that people use every day.

“I’m old school, I really am, so all of this is very new for me,” she added. “I’m on a journey in regards to getting educated and just doing my part in regards to how I can be part of the sustainability movement. We’re always talking about, ‘Let’s save the planet.’ At the end of the day, it’s really about how do we sustain humanity.”

Will is also on board with his wife’s latest venture. Check the Bad Boys star out on the next page as he tries out the natural toothpaste on his pearly whites.

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