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Business » Grubhub supports Black-owned restaurants with new search filter

Grubhub supports Black-owned restaurants with new search filter

(Photo credit: Grubhub)

Grubhub, a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace with the largest network of restaurant partners as well as more than 31 million active diners, recently launched a search filter that makes it easy for diners to find Black-owned restaurants that deliver in their communities.

During Black History Month, Grubhub partnered with Black Restaurant Week LLC and Feed the Soul Foundation. Diners were able to donate their change at check-out to benefit Feed the Soul Foundation, which aids marginalized entrepreneurs in the culinary industry with:

• $10,000 in grants to restaurant owners for business development, such as menu consultation, operations or marketing initiatives.
• Funds in the event of an unexpected emergency, such as flooding or a break-in, to help restaurants re-open and get back on their feet.
• Scholarships to marginalized hospitality management college students, creating a pathway to help grow the next generation of restaurant entrepreneurs.

Grubhub said in a statement: Thanks to our partnership with Feed the Soul Foundation and Black Restaurant Week LLC, we’re making it easier for more diners to discover the talented Black chefs and restaurant owners near them, as well as providing the resources to help more up-and-coming Black chefs and culinary leaders build successful businesses. With our efforts, we hope Black culinary leaders across the country will be able to not only grow but flourish in their communities.

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