Cardi B releasing a doll in her likeness

“Then I also want to do fun things on Instagram and I want women that have different careers than me to tell me a little bit about their life and everything, and I want to pick them and I don’t know, maybe I have a doll and she’s a doctor, she’s a nurse, you know what I’m saying? Just different types of women and I want to display them and I want them to look beautiful just like me,” she said.

Cardi’s doll release with Real Women Are was planned to coincide with Women’s History Month.

“Growing up, I ain’t never seen a doll that looks like me, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t never seen a doll that really represents me. You go to the doll aisles when you’re my age, it’s either like there’s a real white one, there’s a real dark one, and there’s like barely one that’s in the middle. None of them have my style, none of them have my flavor. I want a doll that represents me,” Cardi said.

Pre-orders are now being taken and the dolls will begin shipping in July.

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