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Health Videos » Creators of ‘U Good?’ app providing easy way to reach out, stay connected

Rolling out contributor and columnist Anissa D. Blair discusses the genesis of the new “U Good?” app with two of its four co-creators Ali Gates and Evans Anyanwu, who along with Johnson Ejezie and Ezekiel Awoyemi are committed to starting conversations about mental health and well-being within the African American community, and particularly among Black men, during the pandemic and beyond.

Creators of ‘U Good?’ app providing easy way to reach out, stay connected

Anissa Blair

Writing is my passion but being a mother and wife are definitely important too. I decided to start a blog that represented everyday women just trying to cope doing average sh--. Nothing out of the ordinary; unless you count trying to juggle a career with a family. I'm that woman that has failed more times than she cares to count, but consciously decided to say what the he--; let me try it AGAIN! I proudly proclaim that I’m 40 something and a happily married woman (I’m not bragging but I’m on my third marriage) with three beautiful children. I can scream from the mountaintop that I finally got it RIGHT! I’ve kissed quite a few frogs to get to my Prince Charming. I plan on discussing all topics, the good-the bad and the ugly related to navigating through life’s obstacles and road blocks into building and keeping successful relationships while trying to maintain your sanity. No taboo topics here.