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Sports » Miami Heat to offer COVID-19 vaccination-only seating

Miami Heat to offer COVID-19 vaccination-only seating

(Photo credit: / By Jacob Lund)

The NBA is furthering its push to promote the COVID-19 vaccine and the Miami Heat will become the first team to offer vaccination-only seating. The Miami Heat announced on Tuesday, March 23, that the team will offer the immunized seats at American Airlines Arena for those with proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, starting April 1.

“The Heat have allocated two sections in the lower level to fully vaccinated fans. These seats will be located in Sections 117-118 and the pods of seats will be separated by just one seat,” according to a statement released to ESPN from the basketball organization. “Fully vaccinated fans will be admitted through a separate gate and will be required to present a proof of a Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued COVID-19 vaccination card showing their vaccination certification dated at least 14 days prior to the game date along with a valid government-issued ID.”

Additionally, The Heat said, “International Certificates of Vaccination will not be accepted.”

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra also explained that the vaccination seating was another step to help bring some normalcy about while speaking to reporters.

“You already have been getting a sense that things are starting to change and go in a much more positive direction. Just even in the environment in our building, I remember those first couple of games that we had the beginning of the year, when there literally was nobody here, that was an eerie experience, playing a highly competitive regular-season NBA basketball game with no environment. And then now, just having the fans that we do have in here, it feels like it’s a full house, by comparison,” he expressed.

Tickets in the vaccinated-fan sections may not be resold or transferred either and all guests seated within a pod must enter the arena at the same time. Masks will still be required.

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