10 questions to ask when dating while Black in a yearlong pandemic

10 questions to ask when dating while Black in a yearlong pandemic
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Dating while Black can be hard, especially during a pandemic. However, life must go on. These days, the pandemic has changed the way people are meeting. Thanks to social distancing, many different online platforms like Tinder, Hinge, Black People Meet and BLK have become the go-to destinations to find quarantine companionship.

But what do you do once you’ve finally found someone and it’s time to slide into their DMs? What are you going to say on that first FaceTime or Zoom call?

Rolling out has your back, and we researched the best questions to ask while dating Black online.

1. Start with general questions. First, toss out a few general questions and keep things conversational. Remember, this is not an interrogation, and you are not checking qualities off a list. Ask how involved is their family in their affairs. Who lives at home? But remember not to forget everything that was said. Treasure this information.

2. Check the comfort levels. The next questions can provide tons of insight, but be careful when venturing down this path. Checking comfort levels is important. It is best to slide them in as if you are making small talk. For instance, is there anything they feel self-conscious about? Areas they want to work on? Areas they don’t want you to “grab” or “nuzzle?”

3. Take a heart check. It is important to ask how serious the other person is about settling down if that matters to you. Are they just getting to know people? Are they “sewing wild oats?” Are they looking for a soul mate? How dedicated will they be to a relationship?

4. Make sure they can keep up. Are they low-key and chill or the high-energy, adventurous type? You want to know now if they are down to zip line across the jungle, or would they prefer to stay home? Also, make sure to find out if they have any health conditions.

5. Take their temperature. What is their plan for fight boredom? How spontaneous are they? Are they comfortable with new people and situations? How open are they to trying new things?

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