Artist Petie Parker inspired by heartbreak and healing

Artist Petie Parker inspired by heartbreak and healing
Petie Parker (Photo by N.V. Johnson for rolling out)

Petie Parker, a former web design specialist and corporate manager, has set his sights on the red-hot Atlanta art scene. Specializing in portraits, murals, and a winner of Atlanta’s L5P signal box contest, Parker is showing his first solo exhibit “Heart Breaks and Heroes” at Hidden Gallery located in Peters Street Station.

Rolling out got an opportunity to chat with Parker about his exhibit and his future in art.

Explain the meaning of the title of the exhibit.

I seemed to have caused a lot of heartbreak in the past, but I was in denial. When I was looking into my denial, it was [at] the same time I discovered I could paint. The painting saved my life, but at the same time focusing in on painting caused heartbreaks. So I put the two together and came up with the title.

What was the first piece in the exhibit?

The piece “Her Lips” was the first. I created it and let it hang at my workspace at Peters Street Station. It was the first non-portrait I had ever done, so it drew a lot of attention.

Give us some insight on your distinct style.

I wear a lot of black, I love matte black. I always thought it would hit different if I could put black on black, glossy on matte. The first time I did it I knew I had something. When you look at my work it looks different from every angle.

Describe the “Give Me Love” piece.

It’s a large hand reaching out for hearts. With my virtual app, the hand reaches out for the hearts, grasp[s] one and takes it into the darkness.

How did you get into Atlanta’s art scene?

About 10 years ago I started managing creatives, the first being Paper Frank. I helped organize artists and what they did outside of creating, [like] email, social media, following up with potential buyers and sponsors. I helped them bring their projects to life. Artist management was my introduction to the game.

When did you discover your painting talent? 

Actually, I discovered my talent in 2020. I had idle time to experiment and after a few attempts I found a love for painting and it helped that I work so closely with other talented artists. “Heart Breaks and Heroes” is actually my first exhibit. I am truly humbled and blessed to be able to take this project from beginning to end.

What’s in the future for Petie Parker?

Throughout the year, I would like to drop different pieces, installations and projects that challenge and show my full range as an artist. Also, I would like to dive deeper into augmentative reality and become that artist that pushes this style of work.

By: N.V.Johnson and Sterling Reed

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