Romeo Miller recounts police pulling guns on him (video)

“It’s scary for me because my brothers ain’t famous. They bigger than me at 6’4,” 6’5. These guys are intimidated by Black men. I have little brothers that look like grown men and it’s like, what are they going to go through if they don’t realize, ‘Oh I know you from TV, so you’re not a threat.’ It’s sad that we’re looked at as a threat because of the color of our skin, but it is real. I’ve been through that situation too many times,” Romeo commented.

Miller also pointed out that most cops aren’t bad and that the blue wall of silence protecting the bad apples gives the whole force a negative image.

“This overshadows the good cops because there is a lot of good cops out there. I’ve been in situations where there have been some cops that saved a lot of my family members who would have been dead or in jail, so this overshadows the good.”

Check out the video below of Romeo detailing what it’s like to drive while being Black in America.

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