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News2 » John Legend partners with Walgreens for COVID-19 vaccination PSA (video)

John Legend partners with Walgreens for COVID-19 vaccination PSA (video)

John Legend (Photo credit: Bang Media)

R&B crooner John Legend is the latest celebrity calling for Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccination. The “All of Me” singer has teamed up with Walgreens for their “This Is Our Shot” PSA, which reminds people that getting the vaccine is the nation’s best opportunity to help bring an end to the pandemic.

“I’ve just been watching what’s been going on in the nation and around the world. So many communities and families and lives have been disrupted by this virus and all the precautions we had to take to avoid getting it,” explains Legend in a video to “Entertainment Tonight.

“The scientists have done such quick and powerful work in experimenting and developing these vaccines that are actually effective at preventing the spread of this virus. Now that that’s happened, and these vaccines are widely available for the nation and the world, it is such a beautiful, powerful thing,” added “The Voice” coach.

As the country starts to open back up, Legend also feels people taking the shot will lead to things getting back to normal as the summer approaches.

“That’s the ticket to us having concerts again, family reunions, barbeques, all of the things we’ve been missing out on. I think so many people have been missing out on that touch, that human contact, and just being able to enjoy it without having in the back of your mind, ‘I might get sick from this,’ or, ‘I might pass this sickness on to someone in my family that’s vulnerable.’ Having that hanging over your head for an entire year has been a tough thing for so many people, the vaccine is our shot to get past that,” Legend added to “ET.”

Check out John Legend in his PSA promoting the COVID-19 vaccination on the following page.

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