Jonathan Kirkland, head of top dating app BLK, wants everyone to find love

What is your advice for singles who are dating during the pandemic?

Don’t give up and be intentional in your dating. During the pandemic, we saw people having more meaningful in-app conversations and sending more messages to get to know more about their matches. Now that things are opening up, we should continue to build deeper relationships in-app before potentially taking the relationship to IRL [in real life].

What is something you wished people knew about being BLK?

Issa vibe. Unless you experience, you wouldn’t understand.

What is new on the horizon for BLK?

We’re taking it to the streets! We’ve got some exciting partnerships and activations in the works that will allow people to actually interact with the brand IRL and solidifying the BLK brand as an organic and authentic part of the culture.

How does it measure up to other dating apps?

Compared to other dating apps specifically made for Black singles, BLK is the leader by far in terms of app downloads. For comparison — BLK, 5.06 M; RBL, 125K; BlackCupid, 271K; [and] StraightBlackLove, 13.7K.

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