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Reality TV » Joseline Hernandez returns to reality stardom with new show (video)

Joseline Hernandez returns to reality stardom with new show (video)

Joseline Hernandez (Image source: Instagram – @joseline)

Joseline Hernandez is a blockbuster reality star waiting for a comeback. And the wait is over for fans as her eagerly-anticipated show, “Joseline’s Cabaret,” is premiering on Sunday, April 18.

The former star of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” makes her triumphant return to the ATL with “Joseline’s Cabaret,” a show that is the culmination of several dreams manifesting at once as Hernandez is credited as the creator and executive producer. To top it off, the show will include music she wrote, particularly the theme song, “Live Your Best Life,” that was produced by her fiancé, Balistic Beats.

The ever-popular, frequently controversial and charismatic television personality is a lovable swirl of revolving emotions. The “Puerto Rican Princess” can be exceedingly sweet one minute, and fire off a barrage of profanities the next. She can lay down some invaluable advice to her mentees one second, and she can lay hands on someone the next.

Regardless of what Hernandez says or does, she is always percolating with infectious energy and self-confidence that endears her to TV audiences. And when you add in 10 strippers and sex workers under one roof, the “Joseline’s Cabaret” show makes for an intoxicating cultural cocktail that fans are thirsting for.

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Warning: Explicit language

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