Kandi Burruss discusses her closed bedroom preferences with Tami Roman (video)

Kandi Burruss discusses her closed bedroom preferences with Tami Roman (video)
Kandi Burruss (Photo credit :Jonell Media PR for rolling out)

“Real Housewife of Atlanta” Kandi Burruss recently stopped by the Fox Soul show “Get Into It With Tami Roman” and had a girls talk about exploits in the bedroom. During the conversation, The Xscape singer revealed that she wasn’t a huge fan of threesomes.

“For me, I’m pretty much open to trying anything in the bedroom that’s legal. As long as I ain’t hurting nobody, I’m down with it…. I have no interest in having two men at the same time. That just sounds like a whole bunch of work to me. It’s like, ‘No, thank you.’ That’s too much work for me. It works for some people and that’s good for them. But having another woman in the bedroom, I’m okay with that. I’ve done it. I had fun and it was good to me,” revealed Burruss.

In related news, Roman’s daughter, Jazz Anderson, recently came out as bisexual. Roman discussed her daughter’s decision with LGBTQ advocate Ts Madison on her show and is very supportive of her daughter’s lifestyle, but admitted she was stunned in the beginning.

“I’ll tell you honestly. I, in no way, want to come off as homophobic, because I’m not. But in all honesty, I cried. I was hurt…that wasn’t what I envisioned for my daughter. When any mother is pregnant with her son, she doesn’t say, ‘I want my son to be a gay male.’ When she has a daughter, she doesn’t say, ‘I want my daughter to be a lesbian,’ explained Roman.

“You hope that if that’s their truth that you’re able to love them and still have a relationship and a rapport with them. And there are some mothers out there that don’t. I’m the type of mother that does. But at the same time, this is not what I envisioned. I wanted her to have a husband and kids.”

Check out the clips on the next page as Tami Roman discusses love and sexuality with Burruss and Ts Madison.

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