Damon Dash’s fiancée Raquel Horn gets personal about infertility

Damon Dash's fiancée Raquel Horn gets personal about infertility
Raquel Horn, Poppington creative director (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Stawrosky)

When high-powered music executive Damon Dash and his fiancée Raquel Horn decided to start a family, one of the major hurdles they had to conquer was infertility. Horn, a businesswoman in her own right, is the creative director of Poppington, a children’s clothing line. Horn’s road to motherhood was a challenging seven-year journey, but she was able to give birth to their son, Dusko, through IVFRolling out had a chance to talk with Horn about how she was able to overcome infertility.

Why did you ultimately consider IVF as an option for battling infertility?

IVF was my next step in my infertility journey. So I had tried everything I could before going through different types of holistic procedures, from acupuncture to herbs and teas, to Reiki and sound bathing and wound massage, different types of therapy, etc. And then I had [taken] the [infertility drug] Clomid and [undergone] IUIs [intrauterine inseminations] with no success as well.

Do you think the subject of infertility is a taboo subject in Black and Latino communities?

Maybe it’s because just not spoken about, especially in the Hispanic community. Like myself — it’s just like; Hispanics are known to be fertile. So it’s just not something that is talked about. But actually, infertility went higher. It’s like a 25% increase. … And we don’t know where it’s coming from. It is something that’s not talked about, and especially if you’re religious, a lot of times, it’s just not talked about, especially if you’re doing IVF. Sometimes it might not be supported by your community because they just think that you’re just settling and not taking the proper course. Maybe you’re supposed to share this journey with people so that other people can learn.

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