Damon Dash’s fiancée Raquel Horn gets personal about infertility

How can the conversation be addressed?

Oh, that’s a touchy question. Well, I think for me, I just am starting to talk about it. So I’m having different women talk to me and open up to me about it, about their journey, through my story. So the fact that I’m talking about it lets women open up about it. I don’t think it’s something that you necessarily ask someone, “Oh, are you going through infertility?” Because it is emotional and you don’t know where someone’s at in their journey and you don’t want to hurt them, or you don’t want them to feel insecure — infertility hurts. It makes you feel like less of a woman in many [ways] and it makes you feel like you’re not able to do something that you’re supposed to be able to do naturally.

What advice would you give others considering IVF as an option?

I think if you have the option to do it, do it. Don’t feel uncomfortable about it because a lot of women do it and I just think having as much information as possible is the best way, and find a supportive community to talk to.

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