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PR professional offers clients publicity with a personal touch

PR professional offers clients publicity with a personal touch
Sandy Collier, CEO of Hey, Sandy! PR and Communications (Photo courtesy of Sandy Collier)

Sandy Collier is the founder and CEO of Hey, Sandy! PR and Communications, a boutique public relations firm based in Wellington, Florida. Collier began working at the local Fox TV station in Miami, as an intern and eventually an assignment editor. Her career trajectory led her to assignments at a radio station and two more TV stations until she decided to start her public relations agency. Collier’s forte is her ability to help small Black businesses and local nonprofits that would usually be unable to afford PR services.

Who are your clients?

Hey, Sandy! PR clients are a mix of well-established businesses and small minority and nonprofit organizations. Of course, we enjoy working with all types of clients, but our passion is helping small business owners who think they can’t afford public relations.

Why do you enjoy working with small local businesses?

Well, we enjoy working with all types of businesses, but when it comes to small businesses, there are a couple of differentiators to their larger counterparts. First, many small businesses struggle to pay for services so they have a deep appreciation for the successes we gain for them. Each and every media placement is a big deal to them. They know each “hit” is one more step toward reaching their goals.

We also find that small businesses are very good at understanding that public relations is a marathon and not a sprint and that a successful PR campaign is a consistent media message and placements month in and month out.

We also enjoy the story behind small businesses. Many of them have started their brand because of a “reason” and not just because they had a desire to make a lot of money. Many of the small businesses we’ve worked with want to remain small but want to be able to sustain income and not struggle. That’s where we come in and raise awareness about their brand in an effort to help them gain steady clients and customers.

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