‘Ready to Love’ star Alexis Fly shares lessons learned during the show

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TV producer Alexis “Fly” Jones was one of the most talked about bachelorettes on the forth season of “Ready to Love.”  Jones’ outspoken attitude and self-assured swag made her a favorite for some and an object of controversy for others, but regardless of the love or hate she kept viewers talking.

Her spunky personality kept her on until the very end and she was the last bachelorette to leave before the final couples were announced. Being one of the final cast members meant she was one-third of a love triangle consisting of another woman (Kyra) and the man with whom she shared the deepest connection, music producer AJ.  As always viewers’ opinions were split between Kyra and Alexis, but this triangle was slightly more dramatic because Kyra was a part of another triangle with another man and woman.

Jones had a brief connection with another bachelor named Ron. Unfortunately, Ron’s disdain of religion became an issue and as a former first lady of the church and born-again Christian, she decided her conviction took priority in any relationship so she ultimately let him go.

After Ron’s dismissal, she focused completely on AJ. Jones’ in-your-face personality and let AJ know in no uncertain terms that he was her choice. She was also candid with some of the other ladies about why she believed she was the better choice for him, and at the time AJ agreed. However, after a last-minute conversation with Kyra, the bachelor changed his mind and Alexis was sent home. “I was disappointed of course,” Jones revealed, “I was surprised but I believe everything works out as it should, so this is just preparing me for something greater.”

Jones’ nickname “Alexis Fly” got a lot of attention, but she says the experience has taught her to see the word fly differently. “The meaning of fly is to first love yourself, that’s the best kind of ‘fly’ to be,” she insists.

When asked if she regretted any of her decisions on the show Jones insists things happened for a reason. “I don’t regret anything but watching it back I saw some things I didn’t catch in the moment. There were a lot of things I missed; things I learned about myself,” she says.

The biggest lesson Jones says she learned from her time on “Ready to Love” is that she needs to see herself the way God sees her. “Once I see myself the way that God sees me then he will release the right man to me,” she says.

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