Anthony Anderson discloses family’s battle with COVID and why he got vaccinated

Anthony Anderson discloses family's battle with COVID and why he got vaccinated
Anthony Anderson. (Photo by TJ Armour for The Armour Agency / Steed Media)

“Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson didn’t have any reservations when it came time to get his COVID-19 vaccination. Anthony revealed that he got his shot in March when he sat down with Janine Rubenstein this week on the “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast. The 50-year-old Anderson said he didn’t have any side effects after receiving the shot and he had preexisting conditions which caused him not to hesitate.

“I didn’t feel anything afterward. A slight sore arm, just like everybody else. More importantly, I’m 50 years old. I’m an African American male. I have a pre-existing condition, with Type 2 diabetes. My mother is close to 70. African American female, overweight, smoker, Type 2 diabetic. So, it was important for us to get vaccinated,” revealed Anderson.

Anderson also stated during the podcast that his mother Doris Anderson was a huge reason why he teamed up with Advil for its #aftermyshot campaign. The campaign brings awareness to any concerns about vaccine side effects. Anderson also told NBC News that his aunt and uncle both contracted the virus and the actor’s 21-year-old son and his girlfriend did as well. His mother’s brother also had an extended hospital stay due to the virus, but everyone has since recovered.

“For me, it means being able to hug and kiss my mom on a daily basis now. Having [people] over to the house for cookouts in the backyard, family dinners, and taking holidays, and now that the world is opening up, traveling again. That’s what it’s about for us,” the Beats actor explained.

Anderson has also lost a few pounds after joining Will Smith, Marlon Wayans and Chris Spencer in the “Dad Bod” Challenge. Smith challenged his friends to get back in shape after the pandemic in May and they’ve all been candidly showing their weight loss updates. Anthony’s mother Doris also frequently appears alongside her son as he hosts the game show “To Tell The Truth.” Check out Anderson’s weight loss and Mama Doris below.

Anthony Anderson discloses family's battle with COVID and why he got vaccinated
(Image source: Instagram – @anthonyanderson)
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