Cardi B says her pregnancy made her feel unsexy in Normani’s ‘Wild Side’ video

Cardi B says her pregnancy made her feel unsexy in Normani's 'Wild Side' video
Cardi B (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Cardi B revealed to the world she was pregnant with her second child last month during the BET Awards and still showed she could rock a stage with a bundle of joy in tow. Despite being elated about the arrival of her precious child with husband Offset, she recently revealed that she wasn’t feeling her usual sexy self when she shot the video for her collaboration with Normani on the hit single “Wild Side.”

Cardi recently spoke with Cosmopolitan Magazine and stated that she off while filming the video, but Normani made her feel a lot better.

“I felt so out of place trying to be sexy and rapping about d—- and c—-. My body wasn’t feeling sexy and it was the first time in public where I was butt naked with a big a– belly. But Normani’s a natural dancer, so she was like, ‘Yeah, Cardi go like this, POW!'”

The expectant Cardi B also stated that she “didn’t really want to do much nudity,” but changed her mind because none of her clothes were fitting because of the pregnancy.

“I’ve done so much nudeness in my videos before. That was the only thing that made sense around that time because no clothes were fitting me nicely. I was around five and a half months pregnant, going into six months pregnant, so I couldn’t wear a bustier or waist trainer. My belly was in the way of every outfit I wore, so I felt like the best way that I could hide and conceal it was with hair and being naked. We just looked so beautiful and Normani was so nice … she made sure that the set was very private ’cause nobody knew that I was pregnant, and she kept giving me advice on how to look more fierce,” she explained to Cosmopolitan.

Cardi also told the women’s magazine that she’ll be dropping her new album after her new baby is born and she has had several months to bond with the child.

Check out Normani and Cardi B’s “Wild Side” video below.


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