Ice-T’s wife Coco says she only bathes when she feels ‘icky’ (video)

Ice-T's wife Coco says she only bathes when she feels 'icky' (video)
Ice-T and wife Coco Austin (Photo credit: Nancy Rivera / Splash News)

Several celebrities have been asked recently about their bathing habits and Ice T’s wife, Coco Austin, is the latest to answer whether she abides by the standard one-day rule. During an interview with E!’s Daily Pop, she allowed that even if she doesn’t shower, she does enough to stay clean, be it birdbaths or a bidet.

“Well, I don’t shower every day. I do it when needed. My hair, I wash my hair every four days. But when I’m feeling icky, I’ll get in the shower. Whether that’s every day, that may be–but it could be every three days. I kinda keep myself clean, though. Like if I feel like my pits smell or something, I just take some washcloths and some soap to it. I might not have to clean my whole body. And then I got a bidet… so I don’t necessarily have to take a shower.”

Austin also addressed the recent backlash she received over publicly stating that she still breastfeeds her daughter.

“I’m not a[n] arguer. Whatever you wanna believe, you can believe. But I just don’t believe [because] society says ‘They should stop at two’ [that] you as a mother should stop because they said so. I’m [not] gonna stop because I feel like it’s a great bonding experience between her and I… She’s my only child, it’s not like I have a big family of kids, and so I’m savoring every moment with this child.

“I always thought I wasn’t gonna go on and on with this breastfeeding thing. I thought I would stop more like around 1. But then I loved it too much, and I was like ‘I feel like I’m wanted, like she wants me.’ I think a lot of mothers would understand… Back in the day, we used to live – big 8-10 [person] families in one room. They would feed them, co-sleep with them, nurse them. Now since it’s a new day, we have to change the rule. Why change the rule?”

Check out the entire interview after the jump.

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