Turk explains infamous Cash Money greeting and kissing Birdman and Lil Wayne

Turk explains infamous Cash Money greeting and kissing Birdman and Lil Wayne
(Image source: Instagram – @hotbouturk_32)

Cash Money Records artists Birdman, Lil Wayne and Turk received a lot of heat in the early 2000’s when they used to kiss each other on the lips as a form of greeting. Turk recently sat down with Vlad TV and discussed the gesture which caused a number of rumors to swirl at one point. The New Orleans MC stated that it was more of a Mafia greeting that was only among “family.”

“It’s like this right. Me where I’m at now, I wouldn’t kiss my son [in the mouth]. But at the time when you young, back in those days it was like, ‘B—–, you love me, kiss me in front of everybody.’ It was like that. See we’d do it in front of a female or some s—- like that. It be a peck like n—- I love you … And I [have] seen a few dudes do that, so I understand. I don’t look at you as gay or you like dudes because you did that, because I understand the love you have for your homeboy,” the Hot Boy rapper explained.

The Hot Boy$ member stated in the interview that times have changed and with social media being so prevalent today, it wouldn’t go over as well today.

“You ain’t doing no intimate s—- but if you not no real n—- then you won’t understand that. The love n—- have for their homeys. Like I say, me being the age that I’m at now, I wouldn’t even do nothing like that because I know people’s mindsets and what they think. Cause it look bad. I agree with you but the intentions of why I’m doing this s— is not ‘let’s participate in some homosexual stuff.’ And I’m not gay-bashing or none of that. I’ll never say anyone around Cash Money was gay, that was industry talk,” the “I Need A Hot Girl” hitmaker further commented.

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