Real estate investor and educator Jamel Gibbs shares how to make 7 figures

What will attendees glean from the summit?

They’ll learn how anyone can get started in the real estate business — it does not matter where they are starting from — and turn it into a six- or seven-figure income. I can help real estate investors go from where they currently are to wherever they want to go with some hard work, commitment and time. I’ve helped thousands of students quit their day jobs.

How did you get started in the real estate business?

I started in the real estate business at the age of 21 years old before it was popular. This was back in 2002. My first real estate deal was a fix and flip opportunity. It is the easiest way to create real wealth with almost nothing. It doesn’t matter your race, background, or anything else. I grew up in the projects in Brooklyn, New York, and bought over a million dollars worth of real estate by the time I was 25 years old. That was 15 years ago. I’m 40 now.

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