‘Take A Hint, Dani Brown’ book 2 from the exciting Brown sister series

'Take A Hint, Dani Brown' book 2 from the exciting Brown sister series

The Brown sisters: Chloe, Dani, and Eve —all high-spirited, sarcastic, and bubbly.

This novel, Take a Hint, follows the middle sister, Dani Brown.

Dani has sworn off relationships for the time being. She’s had her fair share of distractions and would rather remain single without commitments. But one thing she isn’t against is meaningless flings to relieve some stress. In fact, she prays to the universe to send her the perfect friends with benefits.

During a failed fire drill at work, Dani is rescued by coworker Zafir Ansari. He’s the security guard for the building and former rugby player. He’s toned, sturdy, and obviously her knight in shining armor. Dani takes this as a sign from the universe; they were meant to sleep with each other.

Before Dani can propose the idea to Zafir, a video of the rescue goes viral. The internet loves them together and ships #DrRugbae. Zafir begs Dani to play along because this sort of publicity would help his sports charity for children. Dani agrees and makes a simple plan. She’ll fake the relationship in public but seduce him in private. Surely this grumpy man will be down for a no-strings-attached situation.

Turns out, her plans are not so simple. Zafir has a rough exterior, but beneath he is a true romantic. Why settle for a FWB when there could be something more? He believes he can change Dani’s stubborn mind. Let’s wish him luck!

I can honestly say, I fell in love with this book about fifteen pages in. I just knew I was going to love Dani and her attitude. This book explores sexual orientation, mental illness, and interracial relationships. Talia tackles these issues with care!

I am a sucker for men who share their vulnerability and Talia Hubbard delivers just that.

Zafir has been through a tragic loss and as a result, has some mental health challenges. What I loved about Zafir was, instead of letting these challenges make his life harder or affect his career, he channels that energy into his nonprofit, teaching kids coping skills and how to be honest with their mental health. Mental illness should be demystified and he’s taking part in that action. #HeartEyes

Communication between characters is a strong suit. Zafir shared his past and issues with Dani, and Dani was open and honest about her hesitancy with relationships. This leaves little room for miscommunication about the situation-ship, even though Dani tries to reject her feelings for him.

Overall, my experience with this book was great, I laughed out loud and I couldn’t put it down. I finished it wishing I had more. It’s steamy, funny, and heartwarming.

This is a romantic comedy that is sure to make you smile and expose you to some positive diversity. Talia Hibbert does not disappoint.

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