Candace Holyfield, aka the Six-Figure Spa Chick, weighs in on entrepreneurship

Candace Holyfield, aka the Six-Figure Spa Chick, weighs in on entrepreneurship
Candace Holyfield (Photo credit Antoinne Jones of ADJ Media)

Candace Holyfield’s testimony is introducing women to a new way of building an economic legacy while pursuing their passion. Spas and beauty salons are mainstays in any busy city, but many of those businesses struggle to make payroll or retain staff. Holyfield is a revolutionary in the field, as she applied her creative marketing techniques to teach spa owners how to utilize Groupon and other available platforms to earn six figures and maximize their customer retention.

We asked Holyfield to share some tips for women watching her success from the sidelines and wishing they were on the road to entrepreneurship.

In your opinion what is the biggest obstacle most women face in pursuing successful entrepreneurship? 

The biggest obstacle women face in becoming successful entrepreneurs is listening. Women like to be number one and the only one. Most of us must listen, still, be able to serve, and admit that we don’t know everything.

Is entrepreneurship a skill set anyone can learn and master? Why or why not?

I think a person can learn or master anything if it’s something they really want to accomplish. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur but look at me killing it 11 years in business. I could have quit when times got hard but I really wanted my business to work. I learned business, sales, and marketing. I mastered all three because I really believed in my business. I remember being flat broke and my mom telling me to get a job but I didn’t do it. Instead, I signed up for an Instagram master class. After that class, I made thousands of dollars. The person has to want it. They must learn, study and execute.

How important has the support and mentorship of other women been to your success? 

Mentorship and support have scaled my business to seven figures. I have paid many coaches. Many of my coaches became my mentor after the program ended because I showed up and did the work. My mentors such as MzSkittlez or Vee the Np pour into me constantly, which keeps me ahead of the entrepreneur game. For example Vee the Np told me to increase my prices. I did exactly what she said and made $30k in one day at my next event. When it comes to supporting, my mind is blown daily. I have so many people referring my business to others — support from my Instagram followers sponsoring many of my community service events.

What advice would you give a woman that desires success but isn’t sure where to start? 

If you desire success but don’t know where to start I suggest making a list of people who are already successful in your same industry. Study them, buy their books, attend events, and see exactly what they are doing to remain successful.

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