Jared R. Green is a dreamer with a vision to help youth reach the stars

Does either book depict you in any way?
There’s a Creature in My Belly! is a depiction of my childlike spirit. When I wrote this book, I felt worthless, and I no longer wanted to be on this Earth. A voice spoke to me just like the dad speaks to his son in the book, and told me there was greatness within me. That reminder saved my life, and in turn, this book will provide a strong foundation of a purpose and understanding that the greatness within you is limitless. This book has made a tremendous impact on the lives of children and adults alike.

How important is it for Black writers and readers to have their stories told?
As a Black author, I believe we have a great responsibility. I was taught that we live in a society where we are told to talk, think and write based on White cultural values. Black storytelling can be a symbol of healing and resisting. Black storytellers offer historical and cultural truths about the Black community from their own perspectives. Black storytelling welcomes people to see Black culture for how beautiful it really is. By not seeing ourselves depicted in writing, it limits what we believe is possible in our lives.

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