6 signs that it might be time to let the friendship go

friendship red flags
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Romantic relationships aren’t the only kind of relationships to watch for red flags. This should be done in your friendships too. Some people are often more lenient when it comes to their friendships because maybe they’ve been in your life for years and you just chalk their behaviors up to, “well, that’s how they are.”

Maybe you have even accepted their abusive and harmful actions, but that doesn’t need to be the case. The reality is, that’s not something you are obligated to tolerate. Everyone deserves to have someone they can trust in their corner. It’s just as important as finding your ideal romantic partner. If someone comes to mind as you read through this list of friendship red flags, it might be time to move on from the relationship.

You feel drained after spending time with them

If you feel like your energy is depleted after spending time with a friend, this might be a sign that the relationship takes more than it gives. You should feel invigorated and like you’re on a high after hanging out with a good friend. There should also be a healthy exchange of “give” and “take.”

They only talk about themselves

Speaking of a healthy exchange of “give” and “take,” this applies to the topics of conversation too. If your friend is constantly talking about themselves and their problems without trying to gain insight into you and how you’re doing, that is a huge red flag. Friendships go both ways and the same way they want you to show up for them, they should be showing up for you.

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