Roby Mercharles shares 7 ingredients to secure Famous Amos’ $150K entrepreneurship grant

Roby Mercharles shares 7 ingredients to secure Famous Amos’ $150K entrepreneurship grant
Photo courtesy of Roby Mercharles

Famous Amos is giving small Black businesses the opportunity to build more sustainable growth through the “Ingredients for Success” intiative. In honor of Wally Amos, Famous Amos is partnering with the National Black Chamber of Commerce to give $150K in support of these businesses. The money will be split between three winners. Roby Mercharles is serving as one of the judges on the panel for this initiative. Mercharles is VP of partnerships for the economic development program created by the NBCC, the American Dream Fund and Marketplace and is giving insight on what they are looking for.

What are some key ingredients to business success?

I’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with hundreds and thousands of Black businesses through the NBCC. With them, I was working to manage one of their programs called the American Dream Fund and Marketplace. It was created directly after COVID to catalyze the recovery from the pandemic economic damage. I’m fortunate to have seen what’s been working in the community. That being said, starting a business and being a business owner really requires you to be an analytical thinker. It requires you to be organized and to keep very detailed records of everything going on so that you can measure your progress.

So, in terms of the first step to success, before recommending looking into how to start your business, or getting your licenses, getting your insurance, any appropriate insurance, I’d recommend that you establish a business plan. This is something that you will hear all around. A large percentage of businesses who start up with a business plan, eventually reach success. I recommend you guys establish this as a as a tool to, number one, identify who your market is, what your market position is, who the competitors in your market are, and what strategies are they employing. What operating budget are you going to need in order to get your product or your service out there?

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