Azealia Banks defends Lil Nas X, disses Dave Chappelle and Boosie

Azealia Banks defends Lil Nas X, disses Dave Chappelle and Boosie
Azealia Banks (Photo credit: Splash News)

Azealia Banks strikes again and this time she let her voice ring out through her Twitter fingers as she addressed Lil Boosie’s homophobic disdain for Lil Nas X as well as the turmoil surrounding Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special “The Closer” where he discusses transgender people and the LGBTQ community. The “Luxury” rapper claimed the comedian was late chiming in as the topic is now dated in her opinion.

“Dave Chappelle is also about four years late to the transphobia outrage attention grab. And Lil boosie gets no extra streets cred for antagonizing a young black kid for who he chooses to love. Lil nas x is not the catalyst for the generational debris left behind from centuries of psychological terrorism and the sexual exploitation of black men AND women on southern plantations via forced slave breeding/buckbreaking/bed wenching,” she wrote.

She also stated that Chappelle was attracted to transgender men and that he should be open and “explore.” Boosie and Lil Nas X got into another heated argument on social media when the “Old Town Road” rapper started trolling Boosie last week and joked he was making a song with the Louisiana rapper.

Boosie then sent a scathing message on Instagram telling Lil Nas X to kill himself and to stop playing with him. Lil Nas X’s father Robert Stafford jumped in the mix and called out Boosie’s claims to be for the kids while his music promotes guns, drugs and violence and degrades women. Boosie then fired off on Stafford and told him to blame himself for his son being gay. Banks chided Boosie even more and added that he is unknowingly part of the prison pipeline.

“The fact that you have the confidence to publicly suggest he kill himself for living a life free of all the things that have completely obliterated your ability to see yourself as anything other than a ward of the state is absolutely heartbreaking. There’s a lot of corporate money invested in clandestinely and insidiously putting you and other black men n situations to trap you. It’s the hip-hop to prison pipeline. This is how they make their money. And keep you out of power,” she wrote in her post.

Take a look at Azealia Banks sounding off on Lil Boosie and Dave Chappelle below.

Azealia Banks defends Lil Nas X, disses Dave Chappelle and Boosie
(Image source: Instagram- @g.o.o.d___vibez)
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