5 normal relationship habits that people think are bad

Feeling attracted to other people

There can sometimes be a feeling of guilt when someone is in a committed relationship but notices they are attracted to someone else. While completely understandable, it doesn’t make you a bad person because this too is a normal experience when you are in a relationship. Our natural human response is to judge how people physically present themselves and sometimes, we just happen to find their qualities attractive. It is harmless as long as it doesn’t go past that, meaning actively pursuing them or any other actions that might cross your partner’s boundaries.

Needing space

When people fall in love, they sometimes develop the belief that they have to be consumed by their partner’s existence and spend nearly every waking moment together. It’s imperative and perfectly healthy to get a little bit of distance from your partner now and then. It encourages both parties in the relationship to maintain their sense of self.

Changes in your sexual desire

It’s normal for the sexual desire to fizzle out a little bit after two people have been together for a while. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you or your partner. A decreased sex drive can be due to the two of you getting comfortable or other life factors like a change in hormones, stress, and juggling busy schedules. This just means the two of you have to work a little harder to reignite the spark and keep the passion alive.

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