Tim ‘Smitty’ Smith explains how funny words turned into a book of puns

Tim 'Smitty' Smith explains how funny words turned into a book of puns

What was the hardest part of writing For a Pun Time Call Smitty?

The waiting time between my transcript and the finished product.

What did you like best about writing For a Pun Time Call Smitty?

Everything I put into my book, I imagined those who read it to think in a different way than the norm and possibly having a better day because of my humor.

Does this book depict you in any way?

Yes! It gives readers an insight on how I think outside of the normal flow of life’s experiences.

How important is it for Black writers and readers to have their stories told?

Since the beginning, our contributions have been ignored. We as Black writers are just as important to this life in all aspects as other, more recognized races. We are just as humorous, intellectual, compassionate, and giving, but the exposure and recognition of those traits get buried by undeserved stereotypes.

Who or what motivates you and why?

Seeing and knowing that a person can have a better and brighter day, or even an hour, from something I said, is a great motivation because we are our brothers’-sisters’ keepers in our own capacity. Mine just happens to be my humor.

What’s next for you?

I have written a second book titled “I will not have pun in class,” which is a collection of everyday words, their true definition, my new “punny” definition from how the word sounds, and a sentence to support the new definition. (Smittionary). Also, it contains a collection of first and last names that sound funny together that a teacher would laugh at during roll call, and a few cannibal jokes.

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