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Entrepreneur Candace Spears explains the billion-dollar cost of misalignment

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Author, entrepreneur, and life and business coach Candace Spears explains how life-changing moments made her realize her worth in the workplace. From Fortune 500 marketing job to entrepreneur, she discusses the billion-dollar cost of misalignment, her book, and podcast, “Ambition, Honey, and Hustle.”

Could you share with us a bit about your journey and how you got to where you are?
[In] 2010, I started my first business, a catering events company. When I started, I was working in corporate, but I wasn’t happy. [After] a couple of years, I let the business go and put my strength and attention back into corporate. [After] a few years, I found myself jumping to a new company where [after months], I was told that my role was going away. I had a defining moment. I went to work for another company but with a different attitude, of anything I’m bringing to this company, I can bring to the world. And that was when I wrote my book, Bring Your Crayons to the Office, based on the creative things I was doing there.

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