Dreaming about death can be a good thing, according to experts

dreaming about death
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If you have found yourself dreaming about death or dying, you aren’t alone. Research shows that one of the most common themes that people dream about is death — but it doesn’t mean what you think it does and is not a premonition of looming danger.

In fact, it can point to a positive shift happening in your life. According to professional dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dreaming about death typically indicates that you are in a season of change or transformation. When this theme shows up in your dream, it can be revealing what you are letting go of that may no longer serve you.

If you find yourself dreaming about your death, especially amid a significant life transition, it can mean any one of these things.

New beginnings are on the horizon.

Dreaming about your death can symbolize that new beginnings are in store for you. If you are in the midst of a breakup or divorce, starting a new job, moving, or any other big external change, you may dream about death. It is a sign that it might be affecting you more than you realize. Change can be uncomfortable, and it may be helpful to take time out to reflect on whatever may be shifting in your life by journaling or talking to a trusted friend about the feelings coming up for you.

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